Remodeling your interior allows you to make your space more functional and beautiful. Whatever design you envision, we can make it a reality–be it a kitchen, bathroom, or bedroom remodeling project.

Services at a glance:

At Iconic Bell Services, we ensure optimal attention to detail with adequate organization and quick follow-ups. Additionally, we use quality products and materials to deliver quality and durable results

Our trained and certified team can help with finishing carpentry, general renovations, kitchen renovations, and cabinet replacement. If you’re looking for the right partner for such projects, be sure to contact us today. Proudly serving Spartanburg, Greenwood, Anderson, Greenville, and Rock Hill, SC.

Commercial and Home Interior Remodeling Contractor in Spartanburg, SC

Our quality is no accident – it’s a result of our

attention to detail and dedicated team of trained and experienced remodeling professionals.

Crown Molding & Baseboards

Keep your walls, cabinets, and even columns looking great with crown molding and baseboards. Whatever you prefer, our experienced team is here to deliver exactly what you want: a practical and decorative solution.

Door Casings & Window Casings

Door and windows casings play a key role in keeping your house warm; They prevent cold air from entering your space. If you need to replace your casings, we’re just a call away, and you can be sure to get quality work.

Kitchen & Bathroom Cabinet Installation

Do you need more space in your kitchen or bathroom? We can install them for you, while ensuring they match seamlessly with your theme. Our team is here to work for you and deliver the style of cabinets you desire.

Laminate Flooring

Are you looking for a flooring option that looks like stone, tile or wood? If so, then you wouldn’t be wrong with laminate flooring, This is an affordable alternative and our team is ready to install laminate flooring you. Whatever design and style you want, we can deliver it for you.

Tile Flooring

Tile flooring comes in different options, including ceramic and porcelain. At Iconic Bell Services, we understand customers’ unique needs when it comes to flooring. As such, we’re hear to listen to you and help you get your desired tile flooring for any space in your home or commercial building.


Make the most of you time at home with a stunning and custom fireplace. At Iconic Bell Services, we take your fireplace designs and turn them into epic setups in your space. We believe in deliver top-quality fireplace installation that impacts your overall appeal.

Trimmed Out Columns

Trimmed-out columns let you cover ugly poles for an improved curb appeal. Whatever style you need, you can trust out trained and certified team to fulfill your needs. We’ll work with you to install beautiful and elegant columns whenever you need them.


With quality interior painting, you can achieve beautiful results for any space in your home or building. Our experienced team doesn’t disappoint. Whatever style and color you need, we work around the clock to get the right results for you.

Commercial & Residential Interior Remodeling Projects in Spartanburg, SC

Also Offered: Interior Home Remodeling in Rock Hill, Greenville, Greenwood, and Anderson, SC

Envision your design. Imagine how you want it to be. Ours is to deliver, and you can count on us to achieve a stunning interior look.