Stone veneer offers simple siding and stone’s beauty, delivering a remarkable finish for all your exterior and interior needs. It’s available in different options, including faux and manufactured veneers. And, it makes a great alternative to traditional masonry.

Whether it is a commercial or residential project our certified team has extensive experience in the installation of quality stone veneers for floors, showers, pool areas, countertops, baths, entrances, etc. No matter the location, we are the preferred stone veneer siding contractor in Spartanburg, SC; Rock Hill, SC; Greenwood, SC; Greenville, SC; Anderson, SC; and all points in between. We strive to execute the project just the way you envision it.

Commercial and Residential Stone Veneer Contractor Quotes in Spartanburg and Rock Hill, SC.

So, if you’re looking to give your space a timeless feel and gorgeous finish, you can trust our trained and certified team to complete your stone veneer project. Iconic Bell Services believes in satisfying its clients, and you get exactly what you want when you choose us.

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Stone Columns

Stone veneer are ideal for giving your outside corner units a stunning appeal. If you have columns or you want to build some, you can consider stone veneer to get a seamless and timeless look for your building.


One way of including the beauty of stone veneer in your home is by installing them in your fireplace. Veneers add the beauty of stone to your fireplace, without the thickness of full bed masonry.


You can also transform your chimneys by using natural thin veneer to achieve a natural and elegant appearance. Our team will help you pick the ideal veneer for your chimneys for an exceptional curb appeal.

Stone Finishes

Wherever you need stone finishes, you can consider stone veneer to get the look you want. You can use it as siding to add a layer of protection to your building. Our team will help you achieve whatever goals you have.

Stone Design

Stone veneer offers beautiful and elegant styles for any building. Just let our team know what design you want and we’ll deliver it for you. It’s just as simple as that, and you get to dramatically improve your looks.

Masonry Inspection

It’s vital to maintain the beauty and structural integrity of your masonry construction. As such, we offer masonry inspection services to check for bowing, sweeping, cracking, leaning, and spalling. From Greenwood to Rock Hill, SC; our masonry inspection services have you covered.

Power Washing

Whenever you need to clean your stone veneer surfaces, you can count on our team to get the job done. We employ the best practices to remove dust and dirt build-up while ensuring the protective layers stay in place.

Grout Joint Repairs

Damaged or cracked grout joints impact the look and finish of your tiles. We can help remedy such problems. Our team can re-grout, re-caulk, or clean your grout joints to revive the beauty of your floors.


Caulking helps to prevent leaks and protect your tile and grout, thus preventing costly repairs. Whether you need new caulking or re-caulking services, our trained and certified team is here to help.

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Stone Veneer Siding FAQ’s

Stone veneer, also known as manufactured stone and occasionally referred to as cultured or artificial stone, is a fabricated material crafted from cement and iron oxide pigments.

Since this product is manufactured rather than mined from the earth, it typically comes at a lower price point compared to natural stone siding. So, whether your home or commercial property is in Campobello, Chesnee, and Copens, SC – or anywhere else in Spartanburg County or York County, SC (such as Rock Hill), you can be sure our stone veneer contractors will choose the best and most affordable material for your siding projects.

Absolutely. Opting for high-quality materials that elevate your property’s aesthetic appeal, and ensuring proper installation, can significantly increase its worth. Just like any enhancement to your home’s exterior, stone siding veneers boost curb appeal, thereby enhancing its overall value. Moreover, the timeless elegance of natural stone makes a striking impression.

In addition to its monetary value, there’s also intrinsic value in the pleasure and satisfaction you derive from your home. For many homeowners, choosing stone veneer isn’t just about increasing resale value—it’s about appreciating and reveling in the beauty it brings to their living space.

Employing stone veneer offers the added benefit of an extended lifespan for the product. Upon installation, you can rely on the veneer enduring as long as the structure it adorns, if not longer.  And, with manufacturers’ warranties ranging from 20 to 75 years, making the decision to invest in this manufactured stone is a wise one, promising dividends for years to come. Call Iconic Bell Services at 864-775-8880, our stone siding contractors will be happy to answer your questions.

No, Stone Veneer is lighter than natural stone, broadening its functional scope. In scenarios where natural stone proves too costly or cumbersome, stone veneer stands out as an excellent alternative.

Stone veneer siding panels are ready made for installation, but it is best left to a licensed and experienced stone siding contractor – such as Iconic Bell Services; whereas natural stone requires additional materials and intensive preparation, professionally installed stone veneer can take as little as one day.   

Call Iconic Bell Services at 864-775-8880, as the area’s top stone veneer siding service for commercial and residential clients, we have established relationships with stone veneer suppliers near Greenwood, Spartanburg, Anderson, and Rock Hill, SC. So, whether you’re looking for a “stone veneer supplier near me” or someone that will ship the product to you, it is best to contact a licensed and experienced stone veneer contractor near you, contact Iconic Bell Services today!

Stone Veneer siding is designed to be low maintenance, just dampen the stone with a spray bottle containing warm water mixed with a small amount of gentle detergent. Proceed to delicately scrub using a soft-bristled brush, ensuring to thoroughly rinse away any detergent residue. Do this a couple times a year. 

Here’s why it’s crucial and what to look for.
Insurance Coverage: Ask for proof of liability, property damage, and workers’ compensation insurance. Protect your property from potential accidents.
Licenses and Permits: Ensure the contractor holds all necessary licenses for Spartanburg. Stay compliant with local regulations and industry standards.
Replacement siding is a significant investment in your commercial or residential property. When the right siding material is installed properly, such as stone, EIFS brick, EIFS Stucco, and others; it not only protects your Spartanburg or Rock Hill property’s exterior, but also adds value and aesthetic appeal. Unfortunately, not all commercial siding companies do quality installations, repairs, or replacement siding properly. Contact Iconic Bell Services for reliable commercial siding services in Spartanburg County and throughout York County areas, such as Rock Hill, SC. – We are The Upstate stone siding contractors of choice!

Types of Commercial Siding Contractors in Spartanburg County, SC

Not sure on the type of siding contractor your property needs? Here’s a quick breakdown.

Spartanburg County businesses looking to upgrade their building’s facade often use our services, and we have several siding options to offer; no matter the location, our commercial siding services in Duncan, Greer, and Inman, SC are second to none and our siding contractors in Spartanburg, Wellford, and Woodruff, SC stand ready to help with your next siding installations, such as Stone Siding, or even Traditional Stucco.  

Sometimes your EIFS Brick, Stucco, or Stone Veneer siding just needs a little bit of maintenance; cracks and other wear and tear imperfections can lead to extensive mold and water damage repairs. So, it is best to inspect and repair your commercial building’s siding from time to time. Working with an experienced commercial siding contractor can help you avoid this problem and ensure that your business makes a positive first impression. As one of the top siding repair companies in Landrum, Lyman, and Pacolet, SC; and throughout Spartanburg County, we can help you not just with repairs but also in choosing the right siding material, color, and even do a full rebuild if necessary.

When your siding shows signs of disrepair, it may convey an impression of unprofessionalism, potentially deterring potential clients from doing business with your company. Our siding contractors can help in replacing a building’s old or damaged brick, stucco, stone siding and more. As one of the best commercial siding replacement companies in Spartanburg, Wellford, and Woodruff, SC, our siding experts will be sure to inspect your building properly and apply the best corrective action.

We’ve helped several property owners throughout Spartanburg County with their commercial building siding needs, and can do the same for you. Call 864-775-8880 today!